About Us

empirical – adjective – \ im-ˈpir-i-kəl \
based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory

Empirical Fitness is the first brick and mortar business venture of Jon Brown, who owns and operates the training service Quadfather Training. At Empirical Fitness, we are dedicated to helping clients reach their goals and become the most fit versions of themselves by focusing on quality movement, proper technique, and kinesthetic awareness in addition to working on strength, conditioning, and mobility.

The merchandise in our EF store was not manufactured by Empirical Fitness LLC, but it was designed to represent our brand. The logos, images, and phrases on the apparel and products we offer represent the the fiery, passionate, and tenacious spirits among our community of members, clients and trainers.


Because we use multiple suppliers, the confirmation and shipment of some orders may be delayed until shipment details are confirmed. We check and finalize orders every evening. If you have not received confirmation after 24 hours or if you have problems with an order you’ve received, please contact merch@empiricalfitnessgym.com. Thank you!